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When to Play Golf in Ireland

Early April to mid-October is the generally accepted as the golf season in Ireland, especially for visitors. Year-round play is possible on all links courses (though many adopt a lift from the fairway policy), while the parkland courses depend on the weather to remain playable during the winter months.

As explained in the weather page it is impossible to predict the weather in Ireland with any great certainty. The summer months of June, July and August are theoretically the best months to play. Late May to mid-July provides long hours of daylight, it is possible to tee-off until 6:00 p.m. in mid-summer anywhere even later on the west coast courses where daylight extends until after 11:00 p.m.

May & September are the peak golfing months, mainly because North American 'kids' are still at/just back to college. The weekend after U.S. Labor Day at Shannon Airport is a sight to behold - arriving golfers, golf bags, golf bus drivers and golf busses are everywhere.

Although very few golf courses (the southwest is an exception) offer reduced rates in the 'shoulder' months of April and October, car hire and accommodation rates are less expensive. Buut the weather gamble is, in theory, bigger and there is less daylight to work with. We remember beiong overly concerned about a group from Vermont who were arriving in early April for a golf trip of a lifetime -- school schedules dictated early April and they insisted they would not miss their New England summer. As only Ireland can, they enjoyed probably the best weather of that year!

Golf courses in Ireland are generally available throughout the season. A notable exception is Lahinch that effectively closes to visitors for a 3-week period from late July to early August. The Irish Open has made a welcome retrun to some of the better links courses in recent years - note the current closure calendar for up to date information.

Everything considered our recommended time is mid-May to early July.

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